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Try a couple of these tasty recipes for you winter holiday extravaganzas, or just treat yourself when you take a break from school or job search action!

Best New Year’s Apple Recipes From The American South

Tennessee and Alabama are home to some of America’s finest dishes. Here are a few recipes I’ve picked up on vacations. Happy New Year!

Best Healthy Cranberry Recipes For Thanksgiving And Christmas

These three cranberry fruit recipes will add zip to your holiday table and create tasty memories for your guests.


Apple and other fruit production is constantly the subjects of research and design projects that intend to increase varieties that can be stored for longer periods of time and feed more people worldwide.  related to this, universities, government, and private industry are joining more regularly to produce more food and more long-term jobs in America.

“Invented” in Japan by combining two American apples, the Fuji apple is one of the subjects of research and design mentioned above.  Increasing numbers of Fuji varieties are in the works and the apple can already be kept for 30 days in the refrigerator. The trees are good producers and the apples can be sauced without the addition of any sugar.

For recipes, a video of Mount Fuji artwork pieces, and additional history, see:

Fruit of Mount Fuji

A cancer-fighting fruit is always good!

Using fruits and vegetables native to one’s own city and state is healthy, part of buying local to promote green living, and is easy in that these food crops grow naturally in their native homes.

The pawpaw is not known to all residents of the US, but it is delicious, healthy, probably anti-cancer (definitely antioxidant) in nature, and grown in 26 US States.  Kentucky is the leader in pawpaw growth and development across 8 varieties.

Ser the link for food anthropology of the pawpaw and recipes for healthy muffins, pudding, and others.

How to Use Pawpaws in Healthy Meals

Apples are coming into harvest already this summer and we will have tons of them in many states by autumn. Johnny Appleseed AKA John Chapman (1774 – 1845) was an orchard man that move west from the East Coast to Pennsylvania at age 18, then went on to Ohio to start 100s of nurseries and orchards.  Kentucky and Indiana also have John thank for this good food and prosperous apple industry in the Midwest.

Click the link for three awesome recipes, incuding Crab-Apple Slaw with crab and apples, Cheesy Applecakes, and Grilled Applecheese. If you like apples, crab and cheeses, you will like these dishes.  They are all easy to make. More about Johnny Appleseed can be found among the recipes.

Crab-Apple Slaw and Others Suprises

Made From Scratch is Always Terrific, especially when it’s easy.

The fruit recipes included in our link use fresh fruits, peels, and juices that you extract easily yourself at home.

You can adjust the amounts of sugars in these dishes and substitute honey if you like.  The Blackberry Jelly is good with red or black raspberries or mulberries as well.  Pear-Orange Marmalade is different and delicious. And how about Apple/Cottage Cheese or Grape pie?

Summer is about growing, including fruits and vegetables. Among  the many choices available through today’s scientific agricultural methods, you can choose intriguing fruits for jams, jellies, preserves, and pickles. 

Fiery Fruits and Cool Preserves

Recipes at the link above include Hot Pepper Jelly, Watermelon Pickles, and Yellow Tomato Jam. All are different and exciting to the palate. Try something new this summer and make these fruitful dishes.


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