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Is legalization of medical and recreational marijuana a pain in the neck or is it inevitable?

In Ohio on the 2015 election ballot, voters had the chance to approve legal sales and use of medical and recreational marijuana. What you might not yet know, is that some famous people are backing the legislation with commercials and investment dollars. One is Nick Lachey of the former boy band 98 Degrees.

Only 10 marijuana farms will be licensed to grow and process marijuana in Ohio and here the the major investors:

Chosen Growth, Cultivation and Extraction (MGCE) Facilities.

  1. Nick Lachey, legendary performer with 98 Degrees.Mr. Lachey is doing commercials that urge voters to pass Issue 3. he is part owner of one of the 10 proposed monopoly partners.
  2. Paul Heldman, former General Counsel for The Kroger Co. (based in Cincinnati).
  3. Woody Taft, descendant of President William Howard Taft of Ohio. The family is connected with Taft Broadcasting and King’s Island Amusement Park (Cincinnati).
  4. Frank “Bo” Wood, founder and radio host for 102.7-FM WEBN Radio in Cincinnati. (Full owner of one MGCE entity.)
  5. Oscar Robertson, University of Cincinnati basketball player. (Part-owner of one of the entities.)
  6. Frostee Rucker, former Cincinnati Bengals football defensive end.(Part-owner of one of the entities.)
  7. Dayton pain specialist Suresh Gupta (Half-owner of one MGCE.) In 2008, Gupta was tried and acquitted (7/31/08) of assaulting four female patients in the context of pain management ( Reviews of his pain management practice on give him an average of only 1.5 stars out of 5 as of October 29, 2015.
  8. Barbara Gould, a philanthropist based in Indian Hill (Cincinnati suburb).

For the location of these farms and processing facilities that will create so many new jobs,please see

Medical Marijuana Monopoly Wielded By The Wealthy.


Memorial Day and Our 100-Year-Old Veterans

Would you still work every day if you were 100 years old or older? Some of our seniors still do that. One gentleman who served in the dedicated corps that built airfields on islands and coral reefs in the South Pacific still works at the age of 109.

The former sergeant  works in his Texas yard every day, trimming trees and all other sorts of landscaping chores.  He is healthy, not overweight or underweight, but uses a cane occasionally. he also shuns television completely.

What keeps a WWII Veteran going 70 years after the end of the war? – Probably several  things, but a clear appreciation of America for his or her service must be one of them.

This Memorial Day, please thank your US Veterans and Wounded Warriors for their contributions to defending our homeland.  Pray for the families of those slain in battle and offer words of comfort and thanks. Pray for our enemies and their families as well; pray that they give up fighting  — War often leads to more war. And thank God for our country and its protections

Happy Memorial Day!

Oil painting completed in 1605 by the Dutch Master Antoon Claeissens (1526 - 1613).

Best Entertaining Holidays, Birthdays and History In March

Dozens of celebrations happen on January 6 each year, so don’t be left out of the fun! These events happen in churches, community centers, town sqaures, and a variety of other venues. They include anything from watching the stars in the sky or a planetarium to roasting a boar’s head (or having a pig roast) and jumping in a river, to concerts and church services.

You might even find a study group on the Star of Bethlehem and when it might return!

Celebrations  will occur January 6 in the USA and around the world, so check your local newspapers and Internet listings for special events and festivities.

See what it’s all about and why at:

Epiphany Celebrations: Boar’s Head, Yule Log, Talking Animals, Star Gazing and Others

Happy Epiphany and a Blessed Year to each one of you!

Human Rights Day is December 10 – Make it Every Day


While we are taking Holiday Vacation from work or looking for new work, we can remember and have a kind thought for all who deserve work in America, but cannot yet find it.  With unemployment at nearly 10% and new jobs being listed every day, we still do not have enough jobs in America and are short by a few million positions.

Discrimination in interviewing and hiring would be most insidious in these days of need at the near-end of a global recession.  

How will you celebrate International Human Rights Day this year on December 1o, or any other day you have chosen? The first step is to become aware, which you can do at the link above.  Good manners and speaking out about bad behavior during the Holiday Rush can be a start.

Be blessed and have a merry December!

Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are days of infamy in American history that we will not forget. 9/11 impacted our economy in negative ways and may have contributed to the recession of 2008 – 2010.

While we look for new employment opportunities, we can stop and pay tribute to the human losses in the War in Iraq and the World Trade Center with the commissioning of the USS New York from the bombed metal. It is on display for tour in NYC November 2 – 11, 2009.

The USS New York – 9/11

Genetic connections and human migration are interesting, but they are also they are useful for tracing possible diseases and hereditary conditions for ourselves and generations down the line. These connections can lead to research that can result in a cure for some of them, so they are important. For instance, Muscular Dystrophy Research and others have made great strides in this arena.

In the 21st Century, Biotech industries and DNA research can make advances in Healthcare, Agriculture, Forensics, human Reproduction, and other fields. Problems in DNA tracking are evident in the resistance shown by individuals toward the findings of the Genographic Project sponsored by The Smithsonian, IBM, and National Geographic. Yet, these may be overcome in time. See:

Who Really Discovered America?


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