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Looks like 100% recovery very soon —  Gabby began speaking fewer than 30 days after her head wound. The American love story of Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly rivals that of Australia’s Steve and Terri Irwin.

Gabby is a legislator and Mark is an astronaut. Though she was shot in the head on January 8, 2011, they agreed together less than a month later that he would return to train for and fly his upcoming US Space Shuttle mission. She was so much recovered that he could leave the planet. Prior to this decision, he had sat steadfastly at her bedside, encouraging her. See details at:

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If you love or hate the NBC series The Cape and Lady Gaga, you will enjoy

HubNugget in Black – A Trolley Park Mystery.

In Kazakhstan, a slightly different animal system is used to honor the 12 Earthly Branches or directions of the zodiac. In fact, 2010 is the Year of the Leopard there, rather than the Year of the Tiger. The capital city of the country features a huge fountain in the center of town, complete with large statues of their own 12 animals, including the Leopard and the Snail.

Korea can celebrate two different New Year’s Days – one on January 1 and one in the second lunar month after the winter solstice  – and have holidays off from work BOTH times. All the more fun!

Winter sports are sometimes celebrated at the Lunar New Year, including outdoor camps for the marital arts (I’ve been to many!) – and they are quite exhilarating. Kite flying is a fun traditional activity as well, as is wearing traditional garments of many colors and enjoying many foods.

More about different variations of Chinese New Year for the Koreans and why they are still celebrated can be found at:

The Two Korean New Year’s


It is Chinese New Year, Korean Second New Year’s (January 1 and mid-February in 2010) and Valentine’s Day all at once this year.  Mongolian and Vietnamese New Year’s celebrate similar food festivities and family traditions. Even Kazakhstan has its own New Year’s according to the lunar calendar, with slightly different zodiac animals. 

Chefs have found that Chinese-Indian fusion cuisine is quite popular and growing in demand. At the same time, traditional Indian dishes can be enjoyed for Chinese New Years or Valentine’s Day for something different to remember with loved ones.  Here is a simple recipes for making the Paneer and Ghee that are the bases for several other recipes in an interesting article at

How to Make Paneer Dishes this Chinese New Year

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the usual traditional celebrations may be boring for some couples.  You may want something different and even from the dark side…

It’s interesting to look up old movies of love stories that have been popular in the world and you might want to make an Old Film Night part of your Valentine’s Day celebration.  Related to that, did you know that htere have been at least 5 film versions of Wuthering Heights, including a public television edition, a few musicals, and other genre? It’s a popular story and full of intrigue and cruelty as well as unrequited love.  

Show Wuthering Heights to your Valentine’s flame and ignite the passion of its stars Cathy and Heathcliff in your holiday celebration.  It is a classic that will please people of many tastes. Click on the link to find out more about all the film versions and the twists and turns of the storyline.  If your date also enjoys vampires and Twilight, then make it a marathon!

The art of acting is doubly rewarding when stars can perform well with their own spouses on-screen. 

Judi Dench, now Dame Judith Dench, has been the star of two BBC television series about romance, named for popular 1930s love songs. It was a successful idea.

One, A Fine Romance, starred Ms. Dench her own husband, Michael Williams. The other stars Dench with Sir Geoffrey Palmer in a delightful tale of separated young lovers brought together again by accident 38 years later.

This Valentine’s Day, you may want to begin your celebration with a good laugh –

A Fine Romance with Judi Dench


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