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Six Stories Of Mars That Will Affect You

Japanese Space Agency (JAXA), NASA, and US Air Force formed a combined military air force or space force (the Japanese preference) in 2015. Plans are to begin operations to remove space debris (thousands of trashed items) sometime between early 2017 and 2019 (reference:

Japanese friends in the business call the aerospace frontier The Fourth Battlefield – according to Kelsey-Campbell Dollaghan in GISMODO under a heading at “Star Wars.”

It is a good place to gather additional tourism dollars as well – the Moon, Mars, Jupiter…

How do you feel about a combined Air Force?

The two nations have several aerospace projects already in spacecraft design and spacecraft component manufacture, forecasting hurricanes, and other space age concepts.

Many projects are ongoing or set to begin in the near future in the space above Earth. Find out more here. Captain Video, Space Patrol, and Star Trek are becoming more real than ever.


Out new astronauts are sportspeople, combat pilots, Antarctic explorers, and scuba divers, engineers and doctors, and this includes the women and the men. Thanks to them and the ongoing space programs, both public and private, companies like Lockheed-Martin have listings for 10,000 jobs.

Enough Americans at all income levels are ready to back privatized and NASA projects to near-Earth asteroids and Mars.

Our next steps with NASA and the private companies that make up NASA’s Commercial Crew will be the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars and the moons of Jupiter.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke felt that at least one of Jupiter’s moon would be inhabitable and several space tourist companies would like to build hotels on these moons or floating nearby. I wish we could live long enough to see all this.

The NASA Astronaut Class of 2013 will be participating in the first two missions: asteroid landing and Mission to Mars.

New astronaut classes will be selected in the future, have no doubt.

via NASA’s 2013 Astronaut Class Background, Education and Related Jobs.

The US Space Program is not only alive, it is so far ahead of schedule that NASA issued an edict in May 2012 for other explorers in America as well as international space agencies to leave their offloaded materials and equipment alone when they reached the moon. We may see the first property disputes later in 2012.

via US Space Program 2012 – 2022: First Commercial Contracts, NASA Scholarships, and NASA’s “Stuff” On the Moon.

Outer Space Burials have been sold successfully for a few years now and private companies like SpaceX are carrying loved ones’ remains to the skies. This includes Star Trek’s Scotty, James Doohan.

In 2013, Google’s contest for designing lunar landers will place vehicles on the moon once again, two years early.  Google and film director/explorer James Cameron are involved already in Space Mining as well.

NASA partnerships with over 60 businesses span 26 US States as of May 2012. Jobs are beginning to emerge. NASA gave out another 25 scholarships to college and grad students in 2012 and 5 universities were selected to build space and Moon/Mars and other deep space habitats.

Contrary to the nay-sayers that wish the space program dead, US Space  Flight is alive and full to overflowing with projects and people.

  1. What constitutes High Blood Pressure in the 21st Century?
  2. What is the effect on blood pressure of living and working in Outer Space?

These are important questions to answer as American begins to plan to reach out to Mars exploration and possibly a Moon Base via privatized space flight. A moon base may be a good place for a hypertension clinic, according to some Midwest physicians. However, blood pressure on earth is a vital part of life and health.

Definitions of the ranges of blood pressure readings among humans have changed  in practice and official guidelines from the National Institutes of Health, the American Heast Association, the Red Cross, and other professional groups are quite good in general.  However, individual differences among people can make blood pressure reading confusing and illnesses can make them scary. Find out more at:

Changing Definitions of Hypertension

Ponderosa Steak Houses in the late 1960s – 70s purchased the first spot on the first space station for a restaurant, but time ran out before it could even be started in construction. It was a good idea, though, and 40 years later, there will be that restaurant in space – in a hotel, but it will not a Ponderosa.

Related to this, new lines of work are emerging very quickly during the Obama Administration, but began well before the Ansari X Prize was first awarded in 2004.  The Mars Society has long advocated for space exploration by private as well as government agencies and it is coming ever closer to this realization.  

America, right now, has almost a dozen SPACEPORTS. A major runway at Spaceport America in New Mexico will be completed in about 9 months. Half a dozen spacecraft design companies have already perfected some models and are ready to profit form the lucrative Space Tourism and Privatized Space Freight industry sectors beginning in 2012 with the new space hotel to open at that time. 

 See al the info at:

Privatized Space Flight


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