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A visit to a Starbucks in a rich suburb in Mid-Ohio at about 2:30pm on a weekday was a total nightmare!

The four staff people were very upbeat and personable – even efficient. But the 50 high school and middle school students who ganged into the place because the town has no MacDonald’s were aliens from the Millennial Planet. They all had their communicators, though – expensive SmartPhones.

I like many Millennial people, even though a number of them seem to hate Generation Y, Baby Boomers, and any of The Greatest Generation left.

At this Starbucks in a posh neighborhood between the high school and a wonderfully well equipped, large public library, chaos reigned with shouting and screaming. In the middle of it, a teen boy rode a Razor scooter through the crowded dining area at moderate speed and no adult said a thing to him. Food and drinks were stolen from the display in front of the counter – no staff person said a thing, but saw it happen.

In a period of 20 minutes at the condiment bar, four teen boys poured out all of the half & half, whole milk, and skim milk into 12-oz cups set up for the water dispenser, added handfuls of Splenda packets, poured in all the vanilla and chocolate flavorings, and left with free drinks, all the napkins, and their six $600 iPhones.

Two of the thieving rich boys were Caucasian – they came back for refills, even asking the counter woman for more half & half – three African Americans, and one Hispanic. Adults were left with no milk products for their coffees, no napkins, and no respect. The African Americans spent at least $8 each, but does that entitle them to steal?

Is this Starbucks the equivalent to the VIP lounge at a luxury airline?

If we are going to pay workers $15.00/hour and charge megabucks for coffee drinks and food, then shouldn’t we expect a little peace and quiet along with some law and order in a restaurant?

Should tweens and teens really be given $200/week allowances and additional money every day for Starbucks?

What do you think, America? And how about our International friends – opinions?


How to Act at The Public Library

Although they are public facilities, public libraries are workplaces for staff,  volunteers, researchers, and tutors. Personal and professional etiquette is important for good customer service to patrons and to have a place conducive to work. Even though you as a patron are not usually purchasing something at the library, you are a customer. Read some of the horror stories at local libraries above at the link – cars driving through buildings, fistfights, all sorts of things.

Children in Restaurants – How to Have A Friendly Meal

Have you ever been knocked down by toddlers running through the aisles and under tables in a nice restaurant? have you ever sat down in a chair smeared with condiments? While many good parents train their children on how to behave in a restaurant, some other parents do not, and still others do not watch their kids at all in these establishments – when they are ready to leave, they don;t even know where their toddlers are. Some really simple ideas would help us all to have a friendly meal, if they were followed.

           Pinconning cheese was invented in Pinconning Michigan,  still the best place to purchase it. A literal Cheese Highway lies along six miles of M-13 in Bay County just north of the lumber barons’ Historic Bay City and the Bay City Mall area.

 Pinconning, Cheese Capital of Michigan

Another landmark is the Bay City State Recreation Area on Saginaw Bay and M-13 runs parallel to the bay shore north all the way to Standish. The yearly fee for residents to enjoy the Michigan State Rec Areas has been reduced to $10 and is a huge bargain. Along M-13, primitive beach areas also exist that serve well for hiking, birding, and watching the sailing ships on the bay. It’s another world. Out on M-13, you’ll find three fantastic cheese shops with hundreds of cheeses, spreads, meats, snacks, gift shops, and cafes attached. Free samples galore!

Another state park is north of the first shop, beyond a comfortable library featuring a livingroom setting for reading.  Just 20 minutes away, Bay City has a lot of tourist attractions,  shopping, and antique stores, as well as maritime installations and sailing. Go for the cheese and stay the weekend!

If I had to choose just one food to eat for the rest of my life, I probably could not do it. However, salads of all kinds would do the trick, because you can put practically anything in them! Famous chefs come up with new salads all the time and some of these most famous traditional salads can be made in variations according to you own tastes.

Please enjoy the delicious recipes and back stories at:

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