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Six Stories Of Mars That Will Affect You

Japanese Space Agency (JAXA), NASA, and US Air Force formed a combined military air force or space force (the Japanese preference) in 2015. Plans are to begin operations to remove space debris (thousands of trashed items) sometime between early 2017 and 2019 (reference:

Japanese friends in the business call the aerospace frontier The Fourth Battlefield – according to Kelsey-Campbell Dollaghan in GISMODO under a heading at “Star Wars.”

It is a good place to gather additional tourism dollars as well – the Moon, Mars, Jupiter…

How do you feel about a combined Air Force?

The two nations have several aerospace projects already in spacecraft design and spacecraft component manufacture, forecasting hurricanes, and other space age concepts.

Many projects are ongoing or set to begin in the near future in the space above Earth. Find out more here. Captain Video, Space Patrol, and Star Trek are becoming more real than ever.


Out new astronauts are sportspeople, combat pilots, Antarctic explorers, and scuba divers, engineers and doctors, and this includes the women and the men. Thanks to them and the ongoing space programs, both public and private, companies like Lockheed-Martin have listings for 10,000 jobs.

Enough Americans at all income levels are ready to back privatized and NASA projects to near-Earth asteroids and Mars.

Our next steps with NASA and the private companies that make up NASA’s Commercial Crew will be the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars and the moons of Jupiter.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke felt that at least one of Jupiter’s moon would be inhabitable and several space tourist companies would like to build hotels on these moons or floating nearby. I wish we could live long enough to see all this.

The NASA Astronaut Class of 2013 will be participating in the first two missions: asteroid landing and Mission to Mars.

New astronaut classes will be selected in the future, have no doubt.

via NASA’s 2013 Astronaut Class Background, Education and Related Jobs.

NASA and private aerospace companies are in such need of workers between 2013 – 2023, that NASA created a Public Service Announcement for employee recruitment, shown before ST:ID, Stare Trek: Into Darkness. At the sae time, 80,000 individuals volunteered for the One Way Ticket to Mars program, which will kickstart the Mission to Mars colonization program.  Volunteers will not be returning to Earth, but they seem excited to live their lives in a Martian experiment. They certainly will be making history.


Trailer Recruits for the NASA Edition of Starfleet


— While some political voices shout that NASA is dead and private space companies are not launching anything into space, many news media reports and recent video footage – as well as eyewitness accounts – tell us otherwise. The combined deadline to Mars landing among government and private concerns has been pushed to an earlier date more than once. The original date was sometime in 2033, pushed forward to 2023. One company plans a 2018 journey and the Google LunarX program already has Lunar Landers ready to take to the moon in 2013.

Our space program has become a partnership among government and private programs and if NASA does fall out of the mix, mix, many of the agencies astronauts and executives are already attached to Golden Spike company, which looks to become the most active in aerospace exploration and business in the 2010s. Jim Lovell of Apollo 13 is with them, but so is Michael Okuda, who has been a designer for Star Trek®. The entire coterie of Golden Spike looks like a spacefarings Hall of Fame!

Golden Spike and Buzz Aldrin’s Mission To Mars – We’re Going Up!

The US combined space programs are alive and need workers.

Escalating Activities of the Sun, Earth and Moon

— Aerospace companies and NASA are working on ways of managing and preventing damage that occurs in the wake of super-powerful solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and asteroid impacts to the moon and Earth. These intiatives and work projects require the expertise of skilled engineers and technicians; so all of the work of space agencies does not occur in outer space. America is in needs of thousands of engineers in a number of fields, from aerospace, energy, and health to IT and manufacturing, whereas, new university graduates are more likely to be credentialed in business.

The most lucrative and jobs-filled training areas to seek for study at the college and university level, or in technical schools includes Healthcare, Engineering, Technologies, and  Computers/Information Technology. The most jobs will be advertised in these fields from 2013 – 2023. Hundreds of Spring 2013 college graduates are unemployed because they chose fields that currently demand few workers.

Work with your college counselor as soon as you enter post-secondary education and plan for a job that will be open in four or five years.

Retirement of RNs Increases Job Outlook to 2020

With the approaching final shot of US Space Shuttle Atlantis into the space of the International Space Station during early July 2011, the dreams of President John F. Kennedy and his nation come to a giant segue. 

This final shot during the week of Independence Day celebrations will be our last manned space flight until we reach out tentative tendrils to Mars and the asteroid belt full of natural resources that we need on Earth.  We have space probes and unmanned vessels at the ready to explore new worlds, while American astronauts take up other occupations within and without the aerospace sector.   The Mars Society is still training people to live out there. Many people Want to Go.

With privatized space flight taking root now and a giant Space Corridor in SE Ohio joining the Florida Space Coast, new jobs are emerging and expanding in aerospace and aeronautics. An important aspect of this is the rise of space-related Biomedical jobs and their potential for increasing the quality of life on Earth. Going “out there” makes living down here better.

 While mentioning natural resources, I find that we still have a few US States that have tremendous natural resources reserves and/or technology advancements for a variety of endeavors:



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