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Even middle age is not too late to begin an eating style that can reduce and prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.  While medicine is working on a vaccine and other related health measures, middle-aged individuals can do something on their own at home.

A Diet May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

We have found 4 highly effective elements of an Anti-Alzheimer’s Diet and they are included and explained at the link above.  Such an overall diet has been followed by healthy people that have included very active and well known individuals well into their 90s. Three video presentations show you what people on such a health eating regimen can do at ages 78, 92, and 95 – and many are not yet done!

Daily life circumstances that spell loss can compound the effect that fewer hours of light can have on person disposed to SAD during the months of September through February. Daily small losses and changes can build up into a mountain atop the person already suffering Seasonal Affective Disorder, creating a major obstacle to living. 

Step Into the Light and Cure SAD-ness

Winter holidays help a bit, providing  activities and recreation that can lift the spirit.  Winter Olympics and other sports at the arena or on  TV can provide interest in another way. However, four major treatments for SAD have shown positive results and hope for the future.

Click the link and find the symptoms you may not realize are related to SAD and read about the four treatments, many of which you can do at home.  Sometimes its as simple as stepping to the window…

I have heard many doctors in my training in the Health and Medical field state that the body heals itself; doctors provide some help along the way. Preparing the types of dishes presented in the following arcticle helps the body and the doctor to perform more successfully in the American healthcare system.

Home Remedy Food Recipes

The recipes you will find above include delicious dishes that are easy to make and contain nutrients that prevent, alleviate, or reduce a number of health conditions, such as

  • Mighty Magnesium Salad fights muscle cramps.
  • Tangerine-Nut Oatmeal fights hemmorrhoids, and
  • Walkabout Casserole can put an end to leg cramps and Charlie Horses.

Eating can be fun and healthy at the same time!

Recent research at Ohio State University and University of Michigan-Dearborn have shown Jay Zagorsky and Patricia K. Smith the effects of the American Food Stamp Program, now called SNAP, and Body Mass Index and weight-gain over time.  Very interesting and important for the future of American health, healthcare reform, and the impact on US industry and workers.   

The Ethics of Food Stamps in the Culture of Reduced Circumstances


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