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Increasing numbers of assaults in American emergency rooms against healthcare professionals and medical support staff have been recorded as initiated by various patients, their relatives, and significant others. Some of these attacks are assaults with deadly weapons. This may be one reason that we have a shortage of healthcare professionals working today.

During January 2015, such an assault – a shooting – happened in Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. It caused the death of a heart surgeon, Michael J. Davidson, MD. His patient, an older woman, died and her son came into the hospital a few months later with a loaded gun to seek vengeance. He is in the legal system at this time, but that does not bring back the deceased doctor, whose patients have been added to the already heavy workload of other professionals..

This is not an isolated incident. At St. John’s Hospital in Mapplewood, Minnesota a male patient pulled a metal bar out of the railing on the side of his bed, chased a nurse down a hallway, and beat her when she fell. In Central Ohio we are hearing about patients and visitors becoming angry and violent about wait times, questions about treatment, and other irritants. Families sometimes fight among themselves and the healthcare staff is injured when they attempt to intervene to keep the hospital an orderly place.

America seems always short of nurses and doctors. Before Obamacare took effect in 2013 – 2014, estimates were that the numbers of nurses, doctors, and support staff needed after Obamacare would decrease, but the opposite has been true.

To fill medical and other health care treatment and support positions across the United States, steps must be taken to ensure safety on the job.  Everyone deserves a safe workplace.

See: Can Emergency Room Violence Toward Staff Be Prevented?

Misinformation from False Practitioners is Going to Kill People!

Every day I see more and more Internet posts from people that have not participated in a single medical or psychological class and are not certified, are not involved in alternative medicine or psych systems, have never been in a support group, do not know what a support group is or does;  but yet, diagnose other persons with Severe Mental Disorders, often naming names of friends, relatives, bosses, coworkers, etc. Go to a doctor? Never! See a psychologist or psychiatrist for assistance with a friend? No.

These people are wrong, they are hurting others, and they do not want to be stopped. Here is what thay might do instead.

These individuals are gossips, adding symptoms of their own making, with stories to match real and imagined symptoms. Their behaviors online are shameful, rude, and immoral. Some of these behaviors are also illegal. In my state, medical diagnosis without a license is a Misdemeanor the first three times, then it becomes a Felony.

The nation needs a large new facility for these individuals that practice medicine without a license.

Instead of taking action to stop a bully, some onlookers want to OUT-BULLY HIM —  “play pranks” on the bully, “punch him in the nose”, “give him an ugly Christmas gift”, “use Identity Theft against him”, “write limericks about him on the bathroom walls”, etc.

To what end? None of these will stop the bully and many will inflame the bullying. These onlookers are seeking not to stop the bully, but to one-up the bully. They place themselves into the bullying category in seeking revenge, instead of a solution.

See a recent related question and add your own suggestions:–it-cant-be

Check it out and add your voice!

A Deadly Habit (A Penelope Santucci Mystery)A Deadly Habit by Andrea J. Sisco
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Refreshing, different sort of mystery story; engaging and funny as well. See my full review “Andrea Sisco Has a Deadly Habit” at

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          It is an occupation that does not pay anything at all, but people do it. They are seeing a need in their cities, putting on a costume, and going after that need to fulfill it.

DEVO and Other Real Life Superheroes

Musicians, actors, and artists have always been protestors and acted as superheroes now and again in charity work, during the Cold War, etc.  DEVO in 2010 is doing their protesting very well, right alongside dozen of Americans and International citizens that have decided to become visble and invisible superheroes.

COLUMBUS OHIO – State Fair Concert Review – DEVO!

On August 4, 2010 they were awesome! “Greetings Buckeyes,” lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh called out. “We are back again to Whip It.” And all that was after 30 years since they’d been here. We’d missed them. 

Chief Strategist  Gerald Casale ptomoted their newest release for 2010: Something for Everybody.

New songs – Don’t Shoot (I’m a Man), Fresh, What We Do, Beautiful World and videos on backstage pleased the crowd at the fair. Old songs did too: Girl U Want, Planet Earth, Mongoloid, Uncontrollable Urge, Jocko Homo, Gates of Steel and (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.

“Do you believe in Devo-lution?” Casale asked. “You don’t have to look too far to prove it.”

If we can solve some of these healthcare reform issues in America, we can save enough money to provide additional jobs, insurance, and even more jobs to many more people. I’m speaking of Insurance Fraud, the costs of Identity Theft and Licensing Scams, and the increased costs incurred because of long-term child and elder abuse.   

We see a lot on the news and in blogs about healthcare reform and what I mention are only a few of the issues involved, but the following book makes the case for reform crystal clear in the form of a well written murder mystery. Please read

T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton

August 9, 2009 is the 40th anniversary of one the most gruesome serial murders in American history, all performed by the Charles Manson Family cult. Based in dreams of genocide and the operations of psychopathology, such crimes have spurred the science of Forensics to increasinglyeffective technologies and methods in the last 4 decades.   

CSI expert in 1969 -1971 put together clues from the Book of Revelation in the Bible, The Beatles’ White Album and its song Helter Skelter, and Charles Manson, stolen vehicles, and 25 cult members. When they were finished they had their killers and an attempted assassination against an American President.  For more infomration and links see:

Helter Skelter on August 9, 1969


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