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Meeting About Twinning Oil Pipeline Project “Gateway” Set For Wednesday, March 21st. – By Flora Breen Robinson


Pipeline news and catastrophes in- the-making are happening all around the USA and Canada. This new twinning of pipelines is said to facilitate the occurrence of oil leaks into the drinking water supply in and around Chilliwack in BC.  First Nation property rights are also at stake.

A Cold Moon Christmas and Midwinter Celebration: Iroquois and Kwakiutl

We often wonder how migration of human groups could occur across the world and across North America. Then we find some of the same traditions both in the Pacific Northwest and in the Northeastern United States. While the Iroquois of the United States and Canada have shared large portions of their culture and histories with us, those of the Pacific Northwest are still rather mysterious and very interesting.

Out of the Silence – A Journey Through Pacific Northwest Villages

Just after World War II, an artist traveled through the Pacific Northwest and Southern Alaska, painting pictures of villagers and village life among the Indigenous Peoples. During the turbulent 1960s, a team returned to these sites for a camera tour. Both journeys are fortunately maintained as among the fine arts in Canadian museums, waiting for visitors.

The Iroquoian In the Diaspora – Oldest Representative Democracy In the World

Did you know that the Cherokee are related to the Iroquois? Read all about this native Confederacy and where they are now.

Toronto and Burlington are the hosts of  the 2015 Toronto Pan American and Parapan Games. With economy already on the upswing, these two cities in the Golden Horseshoe are set to prosper even more abundantly form 2010 – 2015 and beyond.

The Pan American Games are the “Olympics between the Olympics”, also held every four years, but nclude only Western Hemisphere nations in countries from North, South, And Central America and the Caribbean.

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Burlington, Ontario

The major job search engines for Canada that scour fine nearly  25,000+ jobs listed for Burlington, Ontario in mid-July 2010. This suburb of Toronto NUMBER 3 in the  Top 10 Places to Live in Canada and a great place to visit, work, and retire.

JULY 1, 2010

Canada seems to have been little-touched by the Rrecession of 2008 – 2009. It major cities have provided a TOP 27 BEST places for Young Professionals as well as a Top 10 Best Cities for Living.

Guelph – Canada’s Technology Triangle

A suburb of Toronto, Guelph ON is jaw-dropping in its  economic  performance, growth, historical installations, tourist attractions, active lifestyle, Downtown splendor, and sustainability.

Start off Canada Day with a visit to dynamic Guelph, Ontario.

Modern Thanksgiving  in the Western Hemisphere occurs in Canada (October) and USA (November).  Before this,  it was celebrated by Spanish settlers and Native Americans by ancient traditions. Other cultures – like the Chinese –  also  give thanks for the harvest and for life. An official holiday puts a marketing logo on it and helps build holiday business.

The following article provides  several pages of recipes, the history of Thanksgiving not taught in schools, and tons of vacation, fun, and educational activites in the US and Canada:

Thanksgiving Resources – Fact, Fiction, Food, and Fun


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