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October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst. Source: EPA/NARA

October 1972, a Texas-New Mexico oil pipeline burst and sent 285,000 gallons of crude oil into the environment. Any pipeline might burst.
Source: EPA/NARA

The Keystone XL Pipeline is called the Black Snake, because of its sludgy, toxic, and corrosive bituminous contents flowing down from Alberta, Canada. Without caustic additives, the stuff is so thick, it will not move.

The jobs also coming through the pipeline will last only a few months, except for a very thin skeleton crew that will be kept on the job aft the disputed pipeline is connected to the other pipes.

The caustic chemicals will eat through the pipes and leak onto the ground and into water supplies, because the metal pf the pipes is unprotected.It’s like using heavy-duty DRAINO on your bathroom pipes until they crumble away.

The pipes will not be cleaned, except to flush between oil-tar sands and oil transport, if ever.  Never, because the only type of material in the extension up for US Senate vote in 2015 is oil-tar sands.  When the material originates, it is called the Canada Cancer Corridor and special hospitals have been built there.

If you want a high paying short-term job, then go for the Keystone Xl jobs in the West, but save your money, because these will not last.  Be careful of road blockades by the local Native American Nations whose reservations you may be working upon, possibly without permission.

Read more at:

Keystone XL Pipeline and Fear of Another Cancer Corridor

Many in Canadian First Nations communities are starving because of the long distance to cities with grocery producers – conservation measures of been cut by the federal government and food animals and fish are declining around the Hudson Bay. In addition, peoples in Northern Ontario Province live in ramshackle huts covered with plastic sheeting on the shores of James Bay, part of the Arctic Ocean.  They have no school for their children. Companies can come in and rent reservation lands without the permission of the tribes throughout Canada– Where does the money go?

Canada supports 600+ First Nations reserves, since a British royal proclamation in 1763. The related $11 Billion given by the Canadian federal government is not enough to relieve hunger and joblessness among peoples whose lands were confiscated illegally and rented illegally in some places even today.

Aboriginal protests of the Idle No More movement peaked January 11, 2013 with the promise to the federal government that all transportation routes to and from the Alberta oil tar sands would be blockaded.

Pictures already show 1000s of native people and their supporters crowding onto highways and streets to completely block traffic. Semi trucks have been driven onto major railroad tracks and parked. In South Dakota, natives have blockaded highways to stop illegal tar sands transport from Canada that was enabled by illegal waiver of trucking fees by a state official. Residents all along the Keystone pipeline route protest, because they were promised that only crude oil, not tar sands with their greater possibility of leakage would be transported through the pipe.

Read more about a national action day to be held in late January 2013:

via Historic First Nations Protest Against Broken Treaties In Canada 


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