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A lot of people don’t “get” The Hunger Games books and movie.


They don’t “get” that we are all Katniss in today’s society, running from murderers.


We are all hunted every day  – by competition, bullying, threats of downsizing and early retirement, con artists, the IRS, child sex trafficking, discrimination; verbal, physical, and psychological abuse…The Hunger Games have just added all these dangers to a game show that exploits preteens and teenagers. Do you remember what some of it feels like?

And who’s watching this reality show? The rich class in the Capital city of the North American Continent, sponsors – parents!

How is this any different from the stage mother that pushes her unwilling daughter into pageants at age 4 and screams when the girl does not win? Little girls dressing like Madonna and Beyonce and Gaga and wearing high heels and lipstick to school in first grade.  The boys have their own horror stories.

A girl I know had to take the SAT and Pre-SAT practice tests every year beginning at age 12. Her dad would not let her rest until it was a perfect score.

Six 6th graders at a Christian school committed suicide because their dads yelled about them getting “B” grade despite “all the money” they were paying to the school.

Bullying, Internet threats…getting beat up because you’re a good student. Do you remember?

The Hunger Games is for adults so we can teach the kids how to survive. See here:

Life-Or-Death Problems of Youth In the Hunger Games – Bread and Circuses


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