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Dictator Kim Jong Il, by national tradition and his own belief, claims to be God. He proclaims that his son will be God when he inherits the dictatorial throne in future.

North Korea is a government wasteland  whose military is large, because that is the only profession in which NK citizens are permitted to eat more than one small meal – half poisonous roots – per day. Yet, the military rank and file are  still thin. Much of the general population eats only gruel made from ground corn cobs (no corn), along with whatever organic trash they can find.  The ground corn cobs are mixed 50% with discarded lotus root – poisonous and blind-making. 

South Korea on 11/23/2010 held military drills in its own country and was bombed by North Korea, who claimed SK was on the wrong side of the line. They were not, but people were killed and wounded, regardless.

A leader that believes he is the Living God and entitled to whatever he wants, including starving his own citizens, will not hesitate to launch a nuclear attack against America after such capability is achieved. Even if such attack destroys the world. He believes he and his son are immortal in the earth This fact makes North Korea more dangerous than any other terrorist group.  See more at:

North Korean Bombs South Korea – USA Next?

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