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          A job explosion is set to occur a few months before a retired US Space Shuttle lands in Fairborn, Ohio at the National Museum of the US Air Force, where much of the research, design, and testing for it occurred and from where many American shuttle astronauts originated. If received, landing is scheduled for July 2011 with the public welcomes to see the permanent exhibit of either Atlantis or Discovery. Nearly one quarter of Ohio is dedicated to the official Ohio Space Corridor and receiving related funding and drawing new businesses.

The shuttle will start by bringing 700 estimated jobs to Dayton-Fairborn-Wright-Patterson AFB – Wright State University before July 2011. Many more will follow in the oncoming impetus it will provide to push privatized space flight as a part of US history. Medical, Biomedical, and Techology jobs will increase rapidly. Read about it at  

Hot Jobs in Dayton-Fairborn Aviation Heritage Area.

The City of Fairborn needs your letter-writing support. Write a letter to either President Barack Obama or NASA program administrator Charles Bolden, and request that a space shuttle be displayed at the Air Force Museum.

Please send snailmail to

President Barack Obama and Mr. Charles Bolden

Air Force Museum Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 1903, 1100 Spaatz Street
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433
Attn: George J. Mongon


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