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I am allergic to marijuana to such an extreme degree, that another exposure to the smoke of it can kill me.

I was exposed to a cloud of it for hours at a concert next door to where I worked during an afternoon performance – I have never been as sick as I was then or subsequently. Medical professionals told me to guard against any future exposure at all.

While individuals like me are not in the majority of people, we do deserve to be heard and to be protected from the negative effects that marijuana has on us. We deserve this as much as patients that can benefit from the legalization of the drug might benefit from its use.

While medical marijuana is on its way to being legalized in many more US States, a warning label on its packaging that alerts users to the dangers of Marijuana Allergy and of  easily treatable Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) would be an intelligent choice.

Marijuana Allergy can range from mild symptoms to anaphylactic shock, which needs medical treatment fast, often with epinephrine and antihistamines. The latter, worst-case reaction, can occur with Splenda® ingestion, chocolate, peanuts, or bee stings, snake and amphibian venoms, and a range of allergens.

Anaphylactic shock is deadly and it can kill fast.

For A list of the potential symptoms of Marijuana Allergy and CHS and a list of clinical trials involving the positive and negative effects of marijuana, please see:

Marijuana Allergy and Important Drug Warning Labels

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