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Camden, New Jersey is the poorest city in America for a lot of reasons, but it still has hope – as much hope as Bridgeport Connecticut did before it began to recover and go on to become the Third Richest Metro Area In America.

In March 2013, Camden NJ has 49,000 job openings, many in fields of work that require training or advanced education beyond high school. At the same time, training programs and learning centers are opening to help guide residents into to these jobs and to help the community attract additional businesses.

Meanwhile, the waterfront area of Camden is undergoing renovation and old buildings and blighted neighborhoods are being replaced with new structures.

Camden has a chance to survive and recover, just as did Bridgeport. The Police Chief is the most hopeful of all, since Camden’s force became part of the larger county contingent, offering Camden 200 additional officers if and when needed.

Watch for good changes in Camden NJ.

Poorest American City: Improving Camden NJ

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