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Read this ongoing daily drama about the Ebola Crisis in the United States. Keen insights added every day with a variety of updates, opinions and comments. Suggestions welcomed! We can do better than we have so far in the treatment and containment of this insidious infectious disease.

The only positive outcome in this drama of many snafus may be the fact that healthcare workers will become even more highly in demand, Physicians have been called out of retirement to help and one doctor infected and cured is supplying blood plasma for treatment of the sick in America.

Ebola Is Coming to a Town Near You

Exciting news from Alaska is that jobs advertised throughout the state quadrupled between 2012 and 2014 to over 92,000 positions. The need for Truck Drivers has exploded and Healthcare, IT, Engineering, and Energy jobs have expanded quickly. Employers are advertising as far away as Ohio and the East Coast in order to fill these positions.

Companies that are hiring the most employees in these and other positions include the following list, but jobs are also available in the Yukon Territory, especially in Whitehorse in the southern part of the province and among the 14 First Nations reserves and settlements.

  1. Knight Refrigerated Trucking
  2. Barr Nunn Transport – Trucking
  3. C.R. England Trucking
  4. Providence Health & Services
  5. Roehl Trucking
  6. Peace Health System
  7. HDR – A global engineering, architecture, planning and consulting firm.
  8. HCA – Healthcare
  9. University of Alaska
  10. Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  11. Soliant Health
  12. Nana Regional Corporation, owned by Native Alaskans
  13. The State of Alaska.


Yukon Territory employment advertisements target professionals able to deliver health services to the Aboriginal populations among 14 First Nations reserves and other settlements. However, the provincial capital of Whitehorse advertises other jobs as well.

See the links below for locations, hiring companies, and jobs needing effective workers:

Job Boom in Alaska 2012 – 2014… Advice on Jobs through 2020

Aboriginals and Cities in Canada;s Yukon Territory


Some of the highest paid jobs in America require advanced education in the form of a 2-year or 4-year college degree, but are themselves entry level positions. No experience in the job is required.

While the high paying jobs listed at the link do not require experience, potential employers will look at other qualifications See what they are and how to meet them here:

High Paying Entry Level Jobs and How to Get Them


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Private aerospace companies and NASA have been developing space taxis to replace the US Space Shuttles that retired their last ship in July 2011. As of August 2014, America now has three companies producing space taxis to shuttle both supplies and humans back and forth between Earth and the International Space Station.

NASA partnered with an initial 63 aerospace companies before July 2011 in order to continue development of important aerospace developments in the public and private sectors. The American Space Agency then chose six companies to design proposed space taxis to replace the US Space Shuttle and to eliminate dependency on Russian shuttles.

From among the work of six top companies, NASA chose three firms to further develop the aerospace vehicles America needs/ These three big-name companies are:

  1. SpaceX under Elon Musk,
  2. Sierra Nevada, and
  3. Boeing.

The development that the Unbited States needs at this time is one that reduces the time of the journey to the ISS. The US Shuttles took about 2.5 days to reach the space station, but Russian shuttles, launched from a higher latitude, require only 6 hours of flight time. A possibility exists in a northern US State and aerospace jobs will increase with time at that location.

Read more about the latitude adjustment and the spaceports around America at:

The new film  ITHACA is based on William Saroyan’s novel and manuscript of The Human Comedy. based in stories of his youth during World War II in California. Filming is in Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia during the summer of 2014.

Director Meg Ryan chose Virginia over Ohio, which is to the northwest and not very California-like.

The amount of the Virginia Film Tax Credit awarded the movie production depends, in part, on how many local people are hired, so watch newspapers and websites for advertisements of speaking and more minor parts in ITHACA.

One of the songs the movie soundtrack was written by John Mellencamp and performed by Leon Redbone.

Find out more about the new cast, the original story, and the old black and white film with Mickey Rooney here:

Meg Ryan Directs One of the Best Films Made in Virginia


Space Taxis and other vehicles of the future.

Space Taxis and other vehicles of the future.

As the United States adds additional jobs in the 2010s, the variety of work available is changing for the better. Many new jobs are connected with the growing aerospace industry that will take us to the moon, asteroid fields, and Mars very soon and as early as 2018.

This is all true despite political ideologues that claim our space program is dead – killed by other political ideologues, fact.

It’s not dead, it has switched to the private sector and universities in large part, but NASA is still at work, with plans for 20 years into the future.

Did you  know that SpaceX company has already replaced the obsolete US Space Shuttles that last flew in July 2011? The Dragon2 Capsule is the replacement. Now, we must decrease the time of transit from Earth to the ISS. Russia can send a shuttle to the space station in just six hours, so we need to match that time.

Did you know that Google and/or Google execs have started and expanded the Asteroid Mining Business (2012) the Lunar Lander Contest (early finishers done in 2013), time-sharing telescopes for the American public, and expansions farther into space ventures through partnerships with people Kelli Sir Richard Branson, James Cameron, the NASA Commercial Crew (private businesses), Buzz Aldrin, spokespeople  Brent Spiner and Robert Picardo and etc.?

It is an exciting time!

New Jobs for America In Aviation and Aerospace

American Spaceports Open; Teleportation and Warp Speed

Asteroid Mining and Space Exploration Internships at Planetary Resources

US Space History: Exploration Opens to Teachers, Students and the Public

NASA’s 2013 Astronaut Class Background, Education and Related Jobs

Final Frontiers Open – Buzz Aldrin Announced PayPal Galactic for Space

Final Frontiers: Surgery In Outer Space

First Manned Flight To Mars January 2018 – Married Couple In Space

High Demand Aerospace Jobs In Brownsville, Texas – SpaceX Jobs Up 75,000%

A Certain Attitude Helps in Writing Your Resume!

Preparing an effective resume can be more pain-free than you ever thought possible

Maintain a positive and determined outlook can kill off all those feelings of intimidation at the prospect of putting yourself down on paper.

Some job seekers fear making a mistake on a resume and are unable to even begin the process, but the miracle of word processing makes it easy to change wording and rearrange resume sections — changes can be easily made, and no one is the wiser.

You never need to feel the obligation of allowing anyone to look at the resume or any document until you have completed your writing. At that point, you can ask a trusted friend to read it over to see whether it makes sense and looks good.

Your resume is an introduction to a company and the boss. It is also a commercial for what you – a valuable product – can do for that company.

via Resume Tips and Instructions for Today’s Job Market.

The US Department of Labor officials state in their manual of job that the job titles Claims Adjuster, Claims Examiner, and Claims Investigator at the entry level require only a high school diploma.

In the real world, employers prefer job candidates for these positions that possess bachelor’s degree or at least insurance-related work experience or some sort of training certificate. However, not all employers are i this category and about  3 or 4% of these jobs overall don’t require a college degree. That sounds like few jobs,  but it amounts to about 1,000 openings in the USA.

Companies that do hire people with high school diplomas and offer on-the-job training OJT are listed at the link below for quick reference.The largest number of total job listings in these job titles that do not require a college degree fall under Claims Investigators.

via Insurance Jobs: Claims Adjusters, Examiners and Investigators Often Need 4-Year Degrees – But Not Always.

The Big Ohio River Becomes a National Scenic Byway in 1996, one of the 14 National Scenic Byways first chosen in the United States.

This honor gives the river a distinction not unlike that of being one of the 13 Original Colonies.

The Ohio River passes through 14 different counties between Indiana and Pennsylvania. In West Virginia and Kentucky, it has sometimes been called Big Sandy River.

The place farthest to the south in the state is a city called South Point. At the western end is a GHOST TOWN and at the eastern end is the place where a famous criminal died. In between are incredible archaeological and historical sites, concerts and other entertainment venues, sports, fishing, places to relax, paddle boat cruises, hiking & biking, great diners and restaurants, museums, art galleries, and a series of bridges to Kentucky and West Virginia natural wonders.


via Ohio River Scenic Byway Tours from Shawnee Lookout to East Liverpool.

Delicious and Beautiful!

Have you seen the 3,000 Plants That Are Black Instead of Green? – How About the Black Plant Scandal? It’s all at the link.

Great Lakes Heirloom Tomato Project – Best and Tastiest Tomatoes

Health Benefits and Best Recipes For Green Tomatoes

Pennsylvania Dutch Country – Simple, Fun Experiences and Heritage Seeds


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